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So I claimed "Ruby|Red (Once Upon a Time Character)" for this challenge cycle which is "kinks". I'm doing the 30 prompts prompt table and will be pairing Ruby with various other female characters from the show, so pretty any adult woman we've seen, aside from Granny, is basically fair game here.

1. altered states 2. anonymity 3. authority 4. bathing 5. begging
6. biting/bruising 7. blindfolds 8. breath 9. clothing 10. dirty talk
11. edging 12. exhibitionism 13. food 14. groups 15. humiliation/shame
16. mirrors 17. obedience 18. pain 19. punishment 20. queening
21. restrained 22. roleplay 23. self-love 24. spanking 25. temperature
26. texture 27. toys 28. voyeurism 29. whipped 30. worship
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Okay so I posted about the theme sets and claims i made over at the Overlooked community already but now I have something new to talk about in regards to that. So given how many bingo cards and challenges I've amassed and signed up for lately, I decided that since this is an open-ended 'challenge', I'd make myself up a bingo card for it.

And here it is:

link to tumblr post where you can see the card

Explanation about the title of the center space (the free space) is included in the tumblr post.
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