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So I claimed "Ruby|Red (Once Upon a Time Character)" for this challenge cycle which is "kinks". I'm doing the 30 prompts prompt table and will be pairing Ruby with various other female characters from the show, so pretty any adult woman we've seen, aside from Granny, is basically fair game here.

1. altered states 2. anonymity 3. authority 4. bathing 5. begging
6. biting/bruising 7. blindfolds 8. breath 9. clothing 10. dirty talk
11. edging 12. exhibitionism 13. food 14. groups 15. humiliation/shame
16. mirrors 17. obedience 18. pain 19. punishment 20. queening
21. restrained 22. roleplay 23. self-love 24. spanking 25. temperature
26. texture 27. toys 28. voyeurism 29. whipped 30. worship
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Missing Persons Initiation / Hazing Frankencritters Songfic Use of Symbolism
The Sky at Night Last Times / Farewells Hello again: Resurrection I am your father/mother Freestyle crossover
Faced with Overwhelming Odds Truth or Dare Wild Card Spring Feudal Ties / Master and Servant
Autumn Wabi / Sabi Cuddles and Snuggles Alternative Professions Truth serums, Truth spells, and Truth drugs
Character Death Urban Spaces Down in the Deeps Unrequited Love Superpowers
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Bodyswap/Bodyshare Backstory Character Study Character Death Rare pairings
Virtual Reality Coming of age Zombies Ghosts & Hauntings Genderswap
Magical Creatures The way we were: Pre-canonfic Wild Card Hey, it's that guy: Minor characters Five Things
Quarantine Soulbonding Road trip Phobias Yentas and Matchmakers
You're only young twice: Age regression Day-in-the-life Drugs Missing persons Diaries and Journals
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Okay so I stumbled across the overlooked comm the other day and I could not resist making a couple of claims. So yes, these are my claims. Some of the prompts feature commentary to remind myself what I have planned/am considering doing with the prompt or short little plot summaries to help me stay on track when I actually write the pieces.

First Claim I made:

Fandom: The Young Riders
Theme Set: 4 (IV)
Claim: Fandom as a whole.

Theme Set IV
1. Bridge. (Emma writes a letter to her successor as station mistress, in order to bridge the gap between her departure and the new station mistress's arrival. Rachel then finds ways to build a bridge with each of the boys and Mr. 'Spoon.)

2. Miss. (There are at least two ways I can fill this one.)

3. Running. (I know exactly how to fill this. Any TYR fans get my drift? Buckettes, I know you'll get it for sure.)

4. Appropriate. (oh, this will be fun, so many ways to go here...)

5. Fatigue. (after a harrowing week of runs, one of the boys is fatigued and Teaspoon's station chores are not helping any to lessen to lessen their fatigue.)

6. Fancy free. (Lady for a Night fic)

7. Loss. (possibly set in between Presence of Mine Enemies and Survivors which would mean Buck centric and dealing with Ike's death and dealing with that thing that most TYR fans like to pretend never happened...at least not the way the show showed us it did...)

8. Peace. (Peace is hard to come in the bunkhouse. But it's even harder to come by in town, for three of Teaspoon's Young Riders. Buck, Noah and Ike centric.)

9. One shot. (He only had this one shot, this one chance to tell her how he felt before Kid swooped back into her heart.)

10. Bite. (once again possibly set in between Presence of Mine Enemies and Survivors which would mean Buck centric and dealing with Ike's death and dealing with that thing that most TYR fans like to pretend never happened...at least not the way the show showed us it did...)

Second Claim I made:

Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Theme Set: 3 (III)
Pairing: Will/Djaq/Allan (my OT3 for the fandom)
Theme Set III:

1. Storm. (A sudden spring storm forces Will, Djaq and Allan to take shelter in the most unexpected place and with each other. There are no secrets now betwixt the three. And no one goes back to camp not knowing the taste of the others.)

2. Cliché. (No idea how to fill this right now.)

3. Kiss. (A kiss can change a person's life for ever. Four kisses that changed Will's, Djaq's and Allan's lives.)

4. Moment. (One moment can change everything. It's an unspoken truth that all three of them know full well. What if Allan made a diffent choice after Guy made his 'offer' at the end of Sister Hood?)

5. Distance. (on the ship to the Holy Land, Djaq reflects on the distance that has grown between her two boys. And between herself and Allan. How can she fix this problem?)

6. Friendship. (It takes her a while to pinpoint when her feelings changed from friendship to something more for each of her boys, she realizes and theirs for her. Navigating the rocky road from friendship to something more is complicated when you're outlaws and one of you is really a woman disguised as a boy.)

7. Opportunity.(Will has had precious little opportunity to really work with wood since the gang found out about the Sheriff's plot with the Black Knights. When he gets one, he crafts something very special.)

8. Imagination. (Never in her wildest imaginings, did Djaq picture this happening after she and Will stayed in the Holy Land. It is a letter from Allan, clearly dictated to a learned member of the gang, that brings them home in the middle of the most unimaginable situation. S3 fic.)

9. Time. (Djaq has been captured and sentenced to hang. now that the others are in Nottingham, time is running short for a rescue. Can Will and Allan stick to Robin's plan and save her or will they lose their hearts' shared love?)

10. Exposure. (it's winter in Sherwood and Djaq's gotten caught in a snowstorm. Now she's been exposed to frostbite. Can Will and Allan save her?)


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